Financial Institutions and Finance

Fellers Snider has vast experience in representing state and national banks with regard to commercial loan documentation, mergers and acquisition of banks, supervision and enforcement of banking regulations, employer/employee relations, and debt and equity financing.

Following the widespread bank failures in the 1980s, we became one of the leading firms in defending directors of failed banks in litigation and claims asserted against them by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. In the course of that representation, our firm has been active in representing financial institutions faced with severe regulatory sanctions, penalties and possible failures.

In addition, our attorneys have extensive experience in representing major lenders involved in loan participations and other transactions with failed institutions.

Fellers Snider represents financial institutions in structuring the acquisition of failing or failed financial institutions and has represented bank holding companies in the acquisition of other financial institutions and other type of business entities. We have often served as a business advisor to officers of banking institutions and handle major litigation brought both for and against such institutions.

Fellers Snider regularly prepares loan documentation for state and national lending institutions for energy-related loans, real estate loans and other commercial loans of all types. The firm serves as local counsel in major multi-state lending transactions involving some of the largest national and international lending institutions. This representation includes review of loan documentation to determine compliance with Oklahoma law, rendering loan enforceability opinions and, in some instances, preparing portions of the loan documents and/or performing due diligence for the borrower or the lender with regard to Oklahoma assets.

Representative Matters

  • Recently Fellers Snider served as counsel to a bank making a major loan secured by mortgages in multiple states. A principal feature of the loan structure was making certain Oklahoma income tax credits available to the bank.
  • During the 1990s Fellers Snider served as general counsel for the receiver of the Federal Land Bank of Jackson in Receivership, one of the largest federal receiverships of a financial institution ever conducted. In that regard, our firm was principally responsible for liquidating more than 2 billion dollars of loan assets of that Federal Land Bank and for handling the complete liquidation of the institution.
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