Attorney at Law

Stephen J. Moriarty

Oklahoma City Office
Cotter Tower
100 N. Broadway, Suite 1700
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-9211
T (405) 232-0621
F (405) 232-9659

Mr. Moriarty’s practice is centered on bankruptcy, reorganization and insolvency law, as well as business finance. With over 35 years of experience, Mr. Moriarty has handled both creditor’s claims and debtor’s cases. His clients range in structure from sole proprietors to limited partnerships (LPs) and limited liability companies (LLCs). He’s also worked with banks and lenders of all sizes.

Mr. Moriarty has served as a court appointed Chapter 11 trustee for a publically traded oil and gas production company and its related entities.  

Mr. Moriarty has been a receiver for the Oklahoma Department of Securities and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in multiple cases involving ponzi schemes.  

He has served as an instructor for the National Business Institute since 1994 and regularly leads seminars on elements of bankruptcy law. Mr. Moriarty is also a member of the Academy of Court Appointed Masters.

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